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Basic Photography


Looking into starting your own photography business? Or simply looking to take better photos of your kids while they're playing a sport or running around the house? This class will teach you the basics of how to use your camera in various situations so you can capture the exact moment you've been waiting for!

Editing Techniques


Learning how to take a proper photo is only the first step. Editing is what takes a single photo from standard, to out of this world. Learn how to adjust and manipulate your photos using two different editing programs that the pro's use daily. 

Lighting Techniques


So you know the basics, and have  already created your own editing style, now it's time to get advanced! Learning how to properly manipulate light will give your photos a unique look and whole new life. This class will help you learn the different styles of lighting and how to use them to create your one of a kind image.


(Includes Basic Photography and Editing Techniques if requested)

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