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Automotive Sessions

With 8+ years experience you know you're getting quality work from a fellow car enthusiast


Photo Session $150

We offer Regular Photos Sessions that include 10 photos of your car. These photos feature full views as well as detail shots of your pride and joy.

Light Painting +$50

Our Light Painting sessions are done after dark in areas with low light pollution. We have color choices to choose from and includes an additional 5 photos.

MOPAR Meet_16.jpg

Rollers +$75

Our Rollers are taken on Rt. 100 during evening time hours - these are low speed rollers for safety reasons, includes an extra 5 photos.


We also offer an HDR add on for $50, Sky Replacements for your favorite photos at $25 per photo, and Custom Posters for $75 (photo right).

241329657_1330206424079516_6640820435954259755_n (1).jpg

Luxury Empowerment

Additionally, we are excited to now offer our Empowerment Luxury Sessions to the car ladies in the community. These private sessions include a 16x20 print as well as our Little Black Book of your images.

*We have a client closet availble upon request*

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