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What is our Luxury Self-Love Experience?

The name says it all. Our sessions are created with one important thing in mind: Self-Love. No matter what step of the journey you're on, we are here to help you feel beautiful, safe, and most importantly, unapologetcially you.


There is NO such thing as being 'too much' of something to have a self-love session. We welcome everyone - regardless of size, age, race, pronoun. This is your time to break free of everything that's been holding you back.


What we offer is so much deeper and more personal than just pretty portraits. We want to go beyond your typical 'Boudoir Photoshoot'.


We take every client's session to heart, because we know how much strength it takes to break through that comfort zone so many of us are trapped in. Which is why I have personally invested so much in learning specifically about this type of photography & decided to specalize in the genre. To make sure you feel like an absolute Queen.


From Hors d'Oeuvres, to wine, special gifts, & massages - we have you covered for the full luxury self-love experience you DESERVE.

This is your chance to shake things up. To be heard, to be seen, to heal - to revel in the strength you didn't know you had. We are here to help you create a place where comfortability and imperfections coexist, and where you can be whoever you want to be.

Download our Dream Shoot Planner or join our Facebook Group below to learn in detail about how we go above and beyond for each and every client that books a session with us. From the moment you contact us, to even after you've left our studio - we will make sure you are comfortable and taken care of the entire way.


Check out our Empowerment Session Prep Guide


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