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Magen Wampler


Every business comes with a story, right? Well mine isn't much different than most other photographers - I always loved photography, decided to try my hand at it, and fell in love.

I have owned Queen of a King Photography for 5+ years now, and it still feels surreal some days that this is my real job. I have put so much love into my photography over the past few years, including classes workshops, long nights of practicing techniques, and even more special - becoming the only Certified Boudoir Photographer in Southwest Virginia! I take what I do seriously, and I want to give every single client an experience they will never forget. 

The thing that is different about me compared to others is that I revel in the idea of being unique. Different. The black sheep, if you will. I want my business to reflect that part of my personality - my free-spirit, my yearning for knowledge, my excitement for trying new things. I'm always striving to set myself, and my business, apart from anyone else in the area and let the love I have for my business flow over into every session. 

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