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Your Dream Shoot Prep Guide

Hello Gorgeous! <3

Congratulations on booking your Empowerment Session! The first step is always the hardest - and we are so honored that you chose us for such an important (and intimate) session. Our clients & their experience with us are always our #1 priority.

Because we want your experience to be amazing from start to finish I have created this in-depth guide that will walk you through everything you need to know to help you prep for your upcoming session!

I understand that most of our clients are nervous for their session as well, and I hope this guide helps ease some of those nerves - but know that you are free to reach out at ANY time with any questions or concerns, or if you just want to chat to help you relax. We are even happy to meet up and grab a coffee together to help you feel more comfortable or give you a personal studio/client closet tour any time before your session so you're familiar with everything before your big day. We are here for YOU, remember that!


Planning your Wardrobe

Two Important Questions:


Does it make you feel Beautiful & Confident?

This is the MOST important thing about your session. Don't get hung up on what you're 'supposed' to look like, because you're not everyone. You're YOU. And all of our clients sessions are unique to them and their kind of Sexy. Whether that be a loose sweater, lacy lingerie, stockings and a button-up, sports bra with jean shorts/pants, or full nudes - it's whatever YOU feel your best in.

Does it fit you in the best way?
In addition to feeling your best, make sure the outfits you choose are flattering to your body as well! The best looking outfits will make you feel confident in yourself as well as hug your curves & not be too tight or dig into your skin. Don't be afraid to experiment or try on different outfits in the comfort of your home before your session!


My #1 Reccomendation: Bodysuits! (aka. Teddy)

Still unsure where to start? That's totally fine and what I am here for! To put it simple: These are flattering on everyone and come in so many different styles! Whether you're looking to show off your chest/collarbone, shoulders, booty, hips/legs, stomach or curves - there's a style and size for everyone. (Make sure not to confuse these with baby-doll's as they are quite the opposite when it comes to flattering your body) They can also work well at hiding insecure areas as well since they can range from full coverage to long sleeves, halter-tops and more!


#2 Reccomendation: Bra & Panty Sets

You can achieve SO many looks with a simple matching Bra & Panty set. Whether you go lacy and sheer, or sporty with coverage - there's no right or wrong! The right set can also help create cleavage & accent booty shots perfectly (this is where trying on your outfits beforehand can come in handy!) You can also pair these sets with a pair of stockings or a button up/ sweater combo to create an effortlessly covered, but still sexy, look! You can also choose a high-waisted set if your looking to minimize attention to your waist or stomach area. 


Getting Ready

One Month+ Before Your Session

  • If you don't already have outfits ready - this is the time to make sure you have your wardrobe planned & outfits ordered! Shipping can take a little while and sometimes pieces fit differently than we expected so give yourself plenty of time for mishaps! Additionally, now is the time to plan your in-person Wardrobe consult if you plan on using our Client Closet! That way if for any reason we need to prepare anything additional we have the time do to so!

  • You can also start browsing pinterest and google to get an idea of what poses to expect and what makeup looks you may like. Though everyones session is unique with us! Our makeup team will discuss what looks you like to make sure it flows well with your session and overall look! So feel free to bring any example photos you may find. You can also request any poses but know that there's no way to 100% reproduce another person's image.

3-5 Days Before Your Session

  • If you've read our Dream Shoot Planner already then you know - Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! This will help keep your skin glowing throughout your session & can help with your stamina as you move throughout our pose flow (I always tell clients, its definitely going to feel more like a workout than a photoshoot!)

  • Try on all your outfits again and make sure they fit well & that you don't want to make any last-minute changes! We also do have our client closet if something happens or you change your mind last minute so be sure to let us know if you would like to try some of our outfits on as well before your session day arrives!

  • Start a small stretching routine a few days before! Remember what I just mentioned about it being a workout? It's true! Most of our poses incorporate stretching the body, arching, pointing toes, & supporting the body with parts we normally wouldn't! So stretching can help you achieve these looks effortlessly the day of your session and also make sure you don't get too tired while we shoot!

  • Now is the time to let us know about any insecurities OR limitations you may have that could affect your session. Each session is catered specifically to each of our clients - so we like to know if you have any food or drink allergies (since we do serve drinks & hor'dourves), if you have any allergies to makeup or hair products (make sure to let our stylists know as well when you arrive), and if you have any recent injuries, back issues, physical disabilities, etc. We pose everyone within their limits and never try to force a pose - but if we know of limitations we can make adjustments beforehand and be prepared. Additionally if we know of any insecurities or parts of the body you would like to minimize we can help pose you in a way to show off your best assests instead. We are 100% non-judgemental and never discuss these with anyone, and being open with us will only make your experience and final images the best possible. 

The Day Before Your Session

  • Moisturize your skin the night before! You're also welcome to exfoliate to help give your skin that extra glow if you want! Avoid using any oils as moistuizer though as these can cause excessive shine in photos and potentially stain bedding/props during your session (any damages due to this are subject to a cleaning/damage fee)

  • Make sure your bag is packed the day before so your not scrambling the morning of and potentially forgetting something! And don't feel bad about bringing a ton of stuff. We will help you go through all of your favorites and pick out the top 3 for your session.

  • Take a shower either the night before or morning of your session! Make sure to show up with clean DRY hair and a fresh face so our HMUA can do everything they need to make sure you look your absolute best! Also, please don't hesitate the day of your session to let me or your HMUA know if you don't quite like your look - no matter how big or small! It's a part of their job to make sure you like what you see! Because if you don't like it in person - you probably won't like it in photos! And a re-shoot is just not worth it. I promise - nobody will be upset or judge! 

Some Do's & Don'ts

Trust the process, ask questions, re-read this prep guide as many times as you need! Do affirmations & trust yourself to absoultely rock your session. <3

Self-tan or get a spray tan before your session! (TRUST US) Don't get a brand new hair cut or color days before your session. Don't overthink things beforehand. Don't go out in the sun the week of (or at least make sure you don't get sunburnt!) and make sure any tan lines are what you want in your photos!




What's another perk of booking with us? We love to give. And just for booking with us we want to give you a little something extra right from the start!

We have tons of bonuses available, and we try to change them occassionally, so that way when clients re-book with us they can get even more! (If you have any suggestions for future bonuses please let us know! We love hearing what our Clients want to see from us!) You should also receive the link in an email, but just in case - here's a link for our currently available Bonuses:

All of our bonuses have a minimum of a $300 value - and most are only available by booking a Luxury Session with us! Bonuses can be chosen up to one week before your session unless otherwise noted or extra time is needed to prepare your Bonus.

Some Examples of our Bonus Add-on's:


Everybody has questions about their Sessions! This section will cover the most common ones we get asked. If there's something you don't see answered though please feel free to reach out to us - there are absoultely NO stupid questions and we want to make sure you are 100% comfortable and as informed as possible!

Can I bring a friend or partner to my session?

We do allow guests on a limited basis. We require guests to be 100% supportive and upbeat, if anything negative is said then your guest will be asked to leave our studio for the remainder of your session. Guests also MUST stay in our HMUA/Lounge area, or outside the studio, while we are shooting and be informed of such before you arrive. This ensures that there are no distractions and both of us can focus on making sure your images are absolute fire!

I'm freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?!

Nerves are 100% NORMAL! I'd be more surprised if you wern't nervous! But that doesn't mean we want them to ruin your experience. Meditation and practicing breathing techniques are a great way to calm your nerves as your session date gets closer. And just as I said in the beginning, you can also message me at any time with any concerns, we can meet up for coffee to discuss things or just chat! You're also welcome to come by the studio to get a feel for our sets - we can go through and demonstrate some of our basic poses with you, go through our client closet and discuss what outfits of ours or yours would be best for your comfort level, go over any insecurities you may have, and make sure there's no surprises the day of your session. <3

Do you photoshop my photos?

While yes we use Photoshop to edit our images, we do not do any body modifications such as slimming, tan line corrections, makeup changes. We believe that everyone who comes into our studio is perfect JUST the way they are. The only things we edit out are things that are not permanent (ie. bruises, scratches, pimples, etc). Otherwise lighting, color tones, and other basic edits are the most we do. If there are parts of yourself that you're still learning to love we totally understand - our posing and lighting techniques give us the ability to accentuate the parts you love, and minimize those you dont - WITHOUT changing what makes you, YOU! 

I've never modeled and don't know how to pose - what if I look ridculous or can't do the poses?

The best part about booking with someone who specalizes in Empowerment Sessions? We work with everyday women just like you ALL the time! If you've never modeled before, that's perfect. Because it means we get to be the first to help you find your inner Goddess. And we customize every session for each client, which means that we have tons of different poses we work through, and if you don't feel comfortable or it hurts to do a specific pose just let me know - I won't be upset or judge at all! There are tons more we can choose from and your comfort is my #1 priority! Not every pose is for everyone, and sometimes we don't know what works until we try it! But we've gotten pretty good at knowing whats best for each client! ;)

Do you share my photos?

When you receive your contract the last part is a model release. This gives you complete control over what happens with your images. You can opt to share them or not - we 100% respect each clients choice & even if you choose to share them at first you can ALWAYS change your mind. Though it should be noted that Session Calls receive a discount in return for the ability of using their images for marketing purposes which is fully disclosed to the client, and while we 100% respect our clients decisions and privacy - the difference must be paid for loss of marketable material & the added cost of website re-design if a Session Call client requests their images be removed within 5 years of their session date.

You can do this!

Even if you've read through everything a million times, done everything you can, and prepped to the nines - you're probably STILL going to walk in the day of your session feeling nervous and like somehow, you're still not prepared. And that's completely normal! During your makeover we will chat and make sure you're feeling comfortable, get some snacks & drinks prepared for you - and play some fun music!

Remember - this is for YOU. This is your day to shine, be pampered, and feel like the absolute Queen you are. You are worth every moment of this, and MORE.

Before you leave for you session I want you to look in the mirror and say:




And please, don't hesitiate to reach out at any time. I am always here for you!

xoxo,  Magen

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