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There's no question that there are TONS of subscription choices out there. But what if that subscription was for something you would REALLY love and use every time?!


Something that isn't just another material item but an experience.

This subscription will give you a taste of our Luxury Experiences and will now be the only way to access our exclusive mini-sets, including but not limited to our Valentines Day Set, Water/Outdoor Set, Food Play, Bondage, Sweaters & Coco, & More! There will also be special access to our Merch & surprise self-care gifts throughout your subscription to make sure your upcoming year is filled with self-love & reminders of just how amazing you are.

There are a limited number of openings per tier & will be booked on a first come first serve basis! They will be re-opened at the beginning of every year or if there is a cancellation.

 This Subscription is for our Private VIP Group Members only! If you're not a member yet, come join the fun!


 High Love Society | Self-love, Fierce Women, & Boudoir VIP


It's time to treat yourself to some self-love.

  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • One Mini Session (5 Images)
    • Self Love Merch
    • 11x8 Luxe Metal Print
  • Luxe Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Two Mini Sessions (5 Images each)
    • 2 Image Folio
    • Self Love Merch
    • Tickets to 1 Hosted Event
  • Elite Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Four Mini Session (5 Images)
    • One Massage Therapy Session
    • Self Love Merch
    • Little Black Book
    • Tickets to 2 Hosted Events
  • Luxury Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Full Luxury Session (10 Images)
    • Two Mini Sessions (5 Images each)
    • 8x8 Album
    • Additional Massage Therapy Session
    • Self Love Merch
    • Tickets to 2 Hosted Events

Details & FAQ

There will be a limited number of spots available per tier. At the beginning of each year those spots will be opened back up & will be first come first serve. This is a 12 month contracted subscription & prices are subject to change at the end of every year. All fees paid are Non-Refundable and each payment will be applied towards a gift card redeemed during booking. Subscriptions may be deferred (postpone a payment) up to 2 times, these payments will be transferred to the end of the subscription instead. No sessions may be claimed during deferred months. In the event that the subscription must be cancelled all fees paid will be applied to services already rendered, or if all services have already been rendered client will be required to pay the remaining balance in full. By subscribing you are agreeing to these terms & conditions.

  • Can I substitute a Luxury session for a couples session?

    • Yes! You are more than welcome to bring a spouse or partner to any Luxury Session. Just be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can adjust our contracts & prepare accordingly.


  • What is the difference between the Mini & Luxury sessions?

    • Our Mini sessions are specality sets that will be offered throughout the year & only include a short session & images. Our Luxury sessions include HMUA, will be directly one-on-one, & will include a same day reveal of images for you to choose from. 

  • Are Products or Digitals included with my session?

    • Each tier includes at least one product accordingly, but more can be purchased if requested (ie. prints, albums, wall art, high res files, etc). Each session will also include a set number of digitals.​


  • What if I want more images from my session?

    • While both session types include a set number of images, our Luxury sessions also include a same day reveal of your images where you get to choose your favorites and have the option of purchasing additonal images or upgrade to one of our regular collections at the end of the year for a discounted rate.

  • Is Hair & Makeup Included?

    • Hair & Makeup is only included with the Luxury Sessions.​

  • Do I have to sign a Model Release?

    • No! Signing a model release is completely optional. As much as we would love to show off how gorgeous you are, we take the privacy of our clients very seriously  & 100% respect all privacy requests.

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