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All or Nothing? The Most Commonly Asked Question -

When it comes to Boudoir, our MOST asked question is "What should I wear?!" There are SO many answers to this question we decided to dedicate a whole blog post (or two) just to outfits. (An added perk of being one of our BoudieQueens is that if you get the opportunity to be a part of our amazing facebook group! Our ladies are always asking questions, we do lives about outfit choices, and we have our #whattowearwednesday posts that can always help give you new ideas about what choices you have for outfits!)

There's no right or wrong answer!

The best part about picking out outfits for boudoir is that there is really no right or wrong answers! Want more skin coverage? We support you. Want to be a little more risque? Go for it! From jeans & a fancy bra, to sweaters matched with boy shorts, body suits & lingerie, all the way to topless with just a cute thong - the sky is the limit, so let your imagination run wild! We do however encourage our ladies to go for whatever look makes them the MOST comfortable, because if you're comfortable then you'll feel more confident - and confidence shows in photos. <3

Still unsure of what to wear?

We get it. Choosing your favorite outfits can be overwhelming with SO many options out there, so we will give you a rundown of our most popular (and our favorite) outfit choices! There will be 5 sections that we will go over:

  • Body Suits/Corsets

  • Fancy Lingerie

  • Matching Bra/Panties

  • Sweaters/Jackets/Buttonups

  • Accessories

Each one will give your session a different look/feel, and different outfits provide different coverage and wear/accent different parts. Accessories can also be a wonderful addition to your experience!

Body Suits & Corsets

Body suits (sometimes known as teddy) are by far my favorite personally. The come in so many different designs, some are made for more coverage and have opaque material, while others come in lace and show much more skin. Body suits are known to be slimming and are flattering on almost all body types. Leotards are also a type of body suit that has complete coverage with sleeves but is still gorgeous for photos AND they even make full body suits (also known as body stockings). That's right, from feet to shoulders, some come in lace or sheer material while I've seen others come in full leather. The intricate and unique designs of body suits can give an extra look to your boudoir experience.

Bustiers & Corsets

Bustiers are what most people think of when it comes to lingerie. The snug yet see through outfits with the garter belts and stockings, matched with the perfect lace panties and you have a full, intricate look. They are made to support the girls while giving the mid-section a slimming and curvy look. These come in a variety of looks, styles, and coverage, though I always suggest bringing a cute pair of stockings to match as they look absolutely perfect together! (And don't worry, I can definitely help attach those pesky clasps to your stockings - I'm almost a pro at it at this point!)

As for corsets, everybody knows what they are and at least some ladies have them hidden away in the back of their closets and forgotten about (I'm guilty of this myself). But they can be a gorgeous asset to your session! Matched with a cute pair of panties and it could turn out to be your favorite photo set. Corsets have the added comfort and push-up support for the girls that some outfits lack, provide coverage, and are made to have a slimming and sexy appeal.

Matching Bra/Panties

Want to keep it more simple? Fancy and intricate bras make for excellent outfits and most every lady has a cute bra in her closet somewhere! These can range anywhere from a simple lace design, to full coverage bralettes, sheer material, and even halter/caged bras, and more. Match your bra with a cute thong, cheekys or even boy shorts and you have a simple, quick, and super cute boudoir outfit!


Think boudoir has to be just sexy and risque outfits? Think again! Like we mentioned earlier, it's all about YOU feeling comfortable and confident in your skin/outfit. Have a favorite sweater? A cute jacket? Do you or your significant other have a favorite flannel or tshirt? Bring it to your experience and we will make sure it looks just as sexy on you as any lingerie! Anything is possible, and anything can be sexy.


We encourage you to bring everything you have that could be used as a fun addition to your session! Heels are definitely a must have for most any session! We can definitely do photos without them, but with most outfits they are the perfect accessory (plus they can help lengthen legs, sculpt calf muscles, and help give booty's that perfect shape). If you don't have any we do keep some at the studio just in case! You can also bring other shoes like cowboy boots, converses, or tall leather boots. Stockings are also a super cute accessory and if you have a bustier or garter belt it is the -perfect- combination! Cloth/white stocking are also super adorable with sweaters or tshirts! Have a prop you want to bring? Please do! We've had clients bring cuffs, whips, hats, guns, helmets, snowboards, and more.They can make a shoot much more personable and unique - and we are all about being unique!

That covers the basics!

So we've gone over our most popular options for outfits, and we hope it has helped get your creative juices flowing for what you will wear for your boudoir experience! If you ever have any additional questions, or unsure if what you've picked out will work, feel free to message us on our business page, or ask our Boudoir group!

Where to Shop?

Below is a list of stores that we have personally bought from or that our clients have recommended:

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