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What exactly is Boudoir and Why should I Consider it?

If you've found yourself reading this blog - we're so happy to have you here! You've probably also found yourself wondering, what exactly is Boudoir Photography? To put it simply, it's an intimate photography session focusing on sensual, romantic and sometimes erotic styles of imagery. Boudoir is a French term referring to a women's private sitting room or bedroom, hence why most Boudoir sessions take place in a bedroom setting. Modern times have challenged the limit of what Boudoir actually stands for and means, even to go as far as couples sessions and outdoors boudoir. Today the sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity side of Boudoir - but we want to take a moment to go more in depth and delve into what Boudoir is to US, and what it can do for YOU.

HMUA Station

Boudoir from Behind the Camera

For us, this isn't just an everyday session or job. It's our passion. Our life. My team and I strive to make sure every woman that books with us walks out of our studio radiant with confidence. We have invested so much into our business to make sure that YOU know you are going to be taken care of from the very first message. My team consists of myself as the Owner/main photographer for Queen of a King, my fantastic Hair & Makeup Artists (Megan, Kayla, Lauren, & Morgan), as well as our amazing Massage Therapist, Kelly with The Whole You. Boudoir is intimate. It's knowing that it takes a lot of bravery, and a lot of trust, from our clients to come in and wear next to nothing in front of us and the camera. Because of that we do our best to be just as vulnerable and transparent with all of our clients. From fb lives in our BoudieQueen group, to posting about our every day life, and even becoming close friends on facebook - we want you to know that we are real, everyday people, just trying to make a difference in the world. We strive to go beyond the standards of Boudoir Photography and to give you something beyond what everyday run of the mill photorgraphers offer. We want to give you memories, laughs, and an Experience you won't forget. Our goal is to create a movement, an uproar within our community, that makes sure that every single women knows her worth, radiates with confidence, and finds her inner Queen. That is what Boudoir is for us.

Behind the Scenes with Queen of a King

What can Boudoir do for YOU?

As you can tell from our description of what Boudoir is, we take it seriously. Which means we take YOU seriously. Every single women deserves to feel as beautiful as she truly is. Our favorite thing about Boudoir is that is has NO limits. It doesn't matter your age, your size, your looks, your ethnicity, your outfits - NONE of that matters, because we only see your beauty. And you deserve to see it too.

Boudoir is meant to make you feel beautiful, confident, and loose all sense of insecurities or doubt. Feeling sexy shouldn't just be about pleasing somebody else — it should be about pleasing yourself, and realizing just how valuable you are. Its a moment you can take to yourself to relax from your everyday busy life and know that you will be taken care of and pampered. Whether you work full time, run your own business, or are a stay at home mom - you deserve you time, just like everyone else. You're busy life does not make you an exception. Our ladies leaving having a new-found self love for their bodies and themselves after our sessions, isn't that something you deserve as well? Not only has it helped hundreds of women find their confidence but it has helped us build an amazing community of women who help and support each other. We would love to have you join our community and self-love movement, because sometimes we all need a little support or just somewhere to feel heard.

So, what exactly is a Boudoir Session like?

First off, we don't just give our clients a session. We give them a full Luxury Experience. From the first point of contact to the moment you walk out of our studio, and even beyond that, you will be taken care of. We go over how your day will flow multiple times to make sure you're comfortable and send out questionnaires so that we can make sure your session is catered specifically to you. Our professional HMUA's will make sure you look your absolute best and will make sure you LOVE your look, all while you relax and enjoy your favorite drink/snack. Together we will go through all of the outfits you bring and pick out the top 3 for your session based on your comfort level, what look you want to go for, and more. (Don't have many outfits? Don't worry! We can go over everything before your session, because the sky is the limit when it comes to outfits - and everyone has something that is perfect for it. We also have outfits available in studio as well just in case!) During your session we will coach you through each pose all the way down to your fingertips. We will go over your favorite attributes and ask to see if you have any favorite poses or new ideas to try! There also isn't just one set option - we have multiples sets to give you different looks and exclusive session types to choose from!

Sound exciting yet? Because after you are done with your photos we will then break so I can cull through them and you can take a moment to relax, grab a coffee/snack, AND (if available) enjoy a one-hour professional massage on us! After that is over we will sit down together and go through your gorgeous images one-by-one so you can pick which ones you want to purchase. That's right! You get to see your images the exact same day - so there's no nervous waiting or wondering how they look AND you only have to purchase the images you absolutely LOVE. We also provide our clients the absolute best, hand made products on the market made specifically for Boudoir. We do our best to go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care, pampered, relaxed, comfortable, and overflowing with confidence throughout your entire experience. I mean, where else can you find a makeover, a day of laughs, massages, a photo experience, and more all packaged together with you in mind?

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